Fragrance Group announced indicative prices for Urban Treasures

Expected to be completed by the end of 2021, Urban Treasures is a new property developer Fragrance Group’s latest 237-unit freehold condominium in Jalan Eunos. Situated on the former site of Eunos Mansion in District 14, this project comprises of 2 buildings with each 12-storey. In addition, this development is also offer sizes ranging from 452 sq ft 1-bedroom to 1,270 sq ft 4-bedroom units.

Urban Treasures Condo prides itself on being an impressive project with "low-density habitat", with only 237 units of residence amidst a range of local amenities; adding a quality life as a green resort in the heart of the city. The project has a sweeping view of both low-rise residential areas and commercial centers. As can be seen, the design of the apartment focuses on the true living needs of the residents, meaning that it is not only a place to live, but also a place to live and enjoy life.

Urban Treasures with the original concept consisted of two 12-storey towers with 237 units.

Urban Treasures with the original concept consisted of two 12-storey towers with 237 units.

If you are curious about how captivating the concept and landscape design of this project is, discover the special details of the project at Urban Treasures Concept!

With impressive values and utilities, Urban Treasures has a price worth considering

Recently, Fragrance Group has announced prices range for apartments at Urban Treasures Residences. Reportedly, indicated prices start at S$845,000 for a one-bedroom apartment measuring 452 square feet (sq ft), or about S$1,869 per square foot (psf). The 1,270 sq ft 4-bedroom apartments will start at around S$2.3 million or S$1,830 per square meter.

However, later changes in prices may occur due to a "buy and sell" situation. In addition, for apartments that require a separate interior design or repair and change the interior, there are also price fluctuations depending on the change and agreement before proceeding.

As an iconic apartment in a busy area, this apartment has a relatively "worthy" price. Because with the luxurious and classy internal facilities that the apartment provides for residents, as well as the prime location of this apartment, it brings a stable long-term investment value. If it is a place to live, study and work for a long time, Urban Treasures is obviously suitable for all ages. This apartment fully meets the needs, is a dynamic place for young people to work, a healthy living environment for children and a peaceful resting place for the elderly.

Urban Treasures - Detailed price list per unit

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Urban Treasures owns a sought-after "address"

This residential project has connections that home seekers can't afford to miss. In the short term, this apartment is a few minutes drive from Paya Lebar Airport, which will be relocated after 2030 to free up about 800 hectares of land for conversion into a sustainable new town.

Urban-Treasure location map

Urban Treasures owns impressive connections, close to 2 MRTs, close to the airport, shopping centers and schools nearby.

Urban Treasures is still under construction, expected to be completed by the end of this year (Dec 2021)

Urban Treasures is still under construction, expected to be completed by the end of this year (Dec 2021)

In particular, the issue of public transport is also an attractive highlight of it, you can also walk to 2 MRT stations on the Downtown Line: Kaki Bukit MRT station and Ubi MRT station. Easy access to MRTs will bring convenience to you, when in reality many other addresses are difficult to get this privilege.

Additionally, nearby malls include the newly opened Paya Lebar Quarter as well as Kinex. Schools within 1 km include Maha Bodhi School, Telok Kurau Primary, Eunos Primary and Manjusri Secondary.

According to Mr. Koh Wee Meng, CEO of Fragrance Group, Urban Treasures will attract a new generation of home buyers. The project will cater to a diverse community of young families and working adults, “who can all benefit from the wave of transformation in this rejuvenating town”.

It is known that Urban Treasures is still under construction, expected to be completed by the end of this year (Dec 2021). Maybe after the effects of the pandemic, the project progress will also face many obstacles. However, with the efforts of the investor, it is still hoped that the project will be completed on schedule.

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