Top 3 famous parks nearby Urban Treasures Condo

Located in the heart of District 14, Urban Treasures is a project that brings you an energetic and fresh lifestyle with a full range of entertainment centers as well as famous destinations to enjoy, helping to improve people's lives with outstanding activities surrounding apartment development. The following top 3 famous parks near the project will be where future residents can participate in outdoor fun activities with relatives and family on the weekend. Let's explore now!

1. Joo Chiat Terrace Park nearby Urban Treasures

A 7-minute drive from Urban Treasures Condo, Joo Chiat Terrace Park is a uniquely designed place that offers entertaining activities for children. It offers indoor, outdoor and event areas. The park has many family-friendly sporting features including a bowling alley, tennis, basketball court, adventure playground, and outdoor gym. Joo Chiat Rooftop Park is a fun area for people to visit for picnics and sports activities.

Joo Chiat Terrace Park nearby Urban Treasures Condo

Joo Chiat Terrace Park nearby Urban Treasures Condo

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2. Bedok Reservois Park nearby Urban Treasures

No stranger to easterners, Bedok Reservoir Park is popular with joggers and water sports lovers in the east of Singapore. Just a 6-minute drive from Urban Treasures, the park surrounds the 88-hectare Bedok Reservoir, making it a great place for water activities.

Watersports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies regularly gather at the park for dragon boat rides, kayaks and wakeboards while anglers drop their fishing rods in hopes of catching a catch. next big. Fitness enthusiasts, schools and organizations run regular runs at the park's 4.3-kilometer track. Alternatively, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery from benches that are conveniently placed throughout the park. Guests can experience a refreshing feeling of peace at the floating deck, located near the Activity Lawn event venue, which offers spectacular views of the reservoir.

Bedok Reservois Park nearby Urban Treasures Condo

Bedok Reservois Park nearby Urban Treasures Condo

3. East Coast Park nearby Urban Treasures

An 8-minute drive from Urban Treasures Residences, East Coast Park is one of Singapore's most prized urban getaways, offering a delightful variety of entertainment, sports and dining. With the theme “Entertainment for all”, the park has an activity for everyone.

Families and friends can sit back, relax and enjoy picnics under the swaying coconut, casuarina and Ketapang groves in the park. For families looking for a fun day out, head to the play tower, water play area, nature playground, and swings in the park. For those looking for action, there are loads of sports activities like beach volleyball, cycling, cable skiing and various water sports as well as Xtreme SkatePark.

East Coast Park nearby Urban Treasures Condo

East Coast Park nearby Urban Treasures Condo

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